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Delivery and Return conditions


The ordered products are delivered within 3 by 7 ( Stock itens ) workdays after confirmation of payment. Every order is sent by mail or express mail. The freight is included in each invoice.


The freight cost is free for orders higher than € 200.00.

In the Lisbon area Apple computers are delivered in person.

When possible, we suggest that the products may be included in the same order so the freight cost may be only one. Each order corresponds one freight. The correct packaging is guaranteed.


We sell and all over Europe and African Portuguese Speaking Countries (by express mail).


Return policies

We accept returned articles within a delay of 14 days after dispatch and if the package has not been opened. This way any mistake or error in our delivery is guaranteed.

Returns are accepted if the product is undamaged and unused.

Returned software is not accepted.

Returned articles that have been specifically ordered for the client are not accepted.

Returned Apple computers customer-built are not accepted.

We do not accept memory returns (RAM).

When returned articles are not delivery responsibility, the shipping cost are in charge of the customer.